Gorgeous Hung Latinos Fucking Bareback and Stroking Cock

Dennis and Ismael

Added: 2017-02-08

Slim and smooth Latinos Dennis and Ismael are hanging from together when a well-placed hand signals the end of conversation and the beginning of what both boys really want. As the clothes strip off, Dennis wraps his lips around Ismael’s big uncut cock and starts sucking it hard. Still servicing the boy, Dennis fingers and rims Ismael, giving the impression he plans to fuck him. As it turns out, Dennis is looking to receive and soon he’s legs up in the chair, as Ismael slides his hard cock in raw. A position change gives us some close-ups of the anal action, as Ismael fucks his bottom doggie and cums in his ass. Then the boys flip and Dennis takes a turn barebacking and quickly pile drive fucks his cum into Ismael’s hole.