Gorgeous Hung Latinos Fucking Bareback and Stroking Cock

Jonas and Finn

Added: 2017-05-10

Jonas and Finn are a couple of young Latinos. We find the shirtless boys parked on a sofa and making out, when a well-placed hand soon has a stiff dick in the bottom’s mouth. Once the little top has gotten a proper servicing, he bends his big bottom over and gives him an ass licking, just to make sure he’s got the anal door open and ready to receive. Then he pushes his stiff dick in from behind and starts barebacking is friend, going balls deep on the boy, so he feels every inch. A position change has the bottom taking a raw anal ride, and then the top fucks him from behind once more. To finish this raw romp, the top cums in his bottom’s hole and fucks his warm seed deep into that Latin ass.